PKPM introduction

China Academy of Building Research Institute of building engineering software is one of the earliest Chinese building industry of computer technology development and application. Its R & D center, quality inspection center, the national industry standard units, engineering, technical force is abundant. The main research focus in software architecture design software CAD, green building and energy saving design software, software engineering cost analysis, construction technology and construction project management system, graphics support platform, enterprise and project information management systems, and create PKPM, ABD and other well-known national brand of software
PKPM no clear Chinese name, the general directly read PKPM English letters. Naming is this: the earliest this software only two modules, PK ( bent frame design), PMCAD ( CAD ), so called the PKPM. Now the two module still, function greatly strengthened, more add a large number of more powerful module, but the software name do not change or PKPM. [1]
PKPM is a series of, in addition to building, structure, equipment ( water supply and drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical ) outside the integrated CAD system design in one, the PKPM and the construction of the budget series ( valuation reinforced calculation, engineering calculation, engineering, construction ) series software ( tender series, secure computing series, Construction Technology Series ), enterprise information construction ( now national many special qualification of enterprises in the information system with PKPM )
PKPM has an absolute advantage in the domestic design industry, with thousands of users, the market share of more than 90%, has become the most widespread CAD systems for domestic use. It follows the update of industry requirements and specifications, constantly bring forth the new through the old development that have great influence on the industry of software products, the dominant position of domestic independent intellectual property rights of software has been China's design industry application and technology in more than a decade. To meet the needs of the rapid development of China's construction industry, improve the design efficiency and quality, and made important contributions is proposed to achieve the Ministry of construction " Jilting the drawing board " target.
Software in recent years in the construction of energy-efficient and green building has done many aspects of the expansion, play an important role in energy saving, water saving, section, section wood, protect environment aspects. Building energy-saving design, we developed the identification and analysis software has been widely covered most parts of China, energy-saving design software application is the earliest, most widely. In 2005 won the two prize of progress of science and technology of china. In the planning, land has software calculation software, three-dimensional residential planning and design of three-dimensional sunshine analysis software, engineering and earthwork. In the environment of garden design software, wind environment simulation software, environmental noise analysis system. And Chinese classical architectural design software, 3D building modeling software, master of architectural decoration design software.
Budget software are key links between. It can relay design software, then under construction and project management. PKPM software budget to complete the project works of statistics, reinforced statistics, cost analysis report. The new quota database we are equipped with the city construction, installation, the provinces, municipal, garden decoration, housing repair, highway, railway and other aspects, and established the engineering material information price website, and fit around the set price, conversion, fee local needs. Since 2003, we have fixed standards and the Ministry of Construction Institute, the first in the country launched the project quantity list valuation software.
In the construction works of statistics and reinforced statistics, the software can relay data PKPM design software automatically calculate statistics. AutoCAD electronic files can also convert drawings, huge workload in order to save the user manual computation, and from the foundation, concrete, decoration engineering quantity statistics to the beam, plate, column, wall reinforcement statistical efficiency and accuracy greatly enhanced.
Construction series software for the whole process of construction technology, quality, security and management issues, to provide efficient and feasible technical solutions. The main products include the project schedule control, engineering and construction progress of image analysis and other parts quantity; design of the general layout of the construction control of construction site management, construction organization design, data management, security management, quality assessment information management; with the construction safety facilities and other facilities in the design of deep foundation pit support design, template design, scaffold design, tower crane foundation and stable design, door bracket derrick design, concrete mix proportion design calculation, construction in winter, site water and electricity calculation and calculation tool set, commonly used construction schemes sample atlas Gallery etc..
This is for all kinds of enterprises and project management to provide information technology solutions. At the completion of the project of the four control four management platform of collaborative system, cost control, progress control, quality control, safety control and contract management, the factors of production ( man, machine, material, technology, funds ) management, site management, project information management, at the same time, the sending and receiving text OA project management. The PKPM management information system construction of enterprises and projects are being built in a bureau, bureau of bureau of two, three, four and the Beijing Construction Bureau, Shanghai construction engineering, Zhejiang province construction investment, Huaxi Group, and a number of the largest, most influential, the most representative of the construction enterprises, and successfully applied in the construction of national key project of the National Stadium, Shanghai world financial center and so on. And China Construction Corporation collaboration of national " fifteen " key science and technology project " information application software development " construction enterprises won the first prize of science and technology of China Construction 2006.
The PKPM system to provide professional software at the same time, provide a 2D, 3D graphics platform support, so that all software with independent intellectual property rights, for the user save huge costs of purchase of foreign graphic platform. Tracking of AutoCAD and other foreign advanced technology and graphics software, using PKPM broad user base in practical application, professional software development and at the same time, drive the development of graphic platform, become one of the few mature graphic platform.
The software is based on the domestic market, actively explore overseas markets. At present, the United States has been developed by British Standard Specification Version, and in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam and other countries and markets in Hongkong, Taiwan area, the PKPM software has become the international products, improve the competitiveness of domestic software and position in international competition.
Now, large construction engineering software system PKPM has become for construction project life cycle of architecture, structure, equipment, energy saving, budget, construction technology, construction management, enterprise information integration in the field, to the all-round development of the establishment of the leading position in the industry by the one and only.
Over the years, the software has assumed a national six five, seven five, eight five, nine five, fifteen and 863 items of scientific and technological issues, always stand in the forefront of the information in the construction industry. Is currently undertaking eleven national five research project and 863 dozen. Because of the significant role in promoting the technical progress of the industry, the software has won two prize in a national science and technology progress, three prize three items, the Ministry of science and technology progress award the construction of one to three, 20, the main products for several years by the China Software Industry Association as the national excellent software.
The software so to provide users with high-quality technical services, efficient as the fundamental purpose of enterprise development. We have established close ties all over the country through the technical service network and the majority of users, we focus on the development of the industry, to listen to the views of users, provide the updated version of every year to the user, and timely to meet the market needs
Building model ( extraction )
The extraction of building models directly from the DWG file for the energy-saving design. Can minimize the architect of the workload, in the project development and construction, and different design stage convenient energy-saving design, to avoid the two modeling work.
The modelling is carried out using the modeling software. CHCE software provides the modeling tools, establish can quickly complete building model effectively.
Can directly use the PMCAD modeling data of PKPM system software. If the PMCAD data, it can be directly carried out energy-saving design work the next step.
Calculation of building energy-saving design
To help the designers to complete all the relevant thermodynamic calculation, provides a number of different insulation system, wall, roof and floor type, scope of application can be convenient to query various insulation system and characteristics.
The shape coefficient and the wall of windows automatically calculate building ratio and other parameters, direct reading of architects in architectural design in a variety of door, window, wall, column, roof, room and other design parameters, energy-saving design, and according to the " energy-saving design standards " for automatic calibration checking.
Calculation and analysis of dynamic energy consumption
Analysis of dynamic energy consumption calculation procedures used by CHEC, based on the construction of energy-efficient housing design standards " Regulations " in hot summer and cold winter zone JGJ134-2001, according to the annual meteorological data over, were calculated in 8760 hours of hourly energy consumption of buildings, calculated per square meter construction area of the heating, cooling and heat consumption index battery indicator, and automatically based on the " hot summer and cold winter region residential building energy-saving design standards " for comparison. When the result does not meet the energy-saving design standards, the use of software maintenance structure design features, can easily make your design to meet the requirements of energy-saving design.
Economic index calculation of energy-saving building
For energy saving and non energy-saving design project cost comparison
Analysis and comparison of the project cost to different insulation system to achieve the same effect in thermal insulation
The insulation system is reasonable to help the designer and the Party of choice
Energy-saving design specifications and calculations
CHEC software can be generated with the design and the output file photo requirements
The software features
Without understanding the thermodynamics of architects, as long as a button you can get some help. Computer results in a different color display design drawings.
Human nature
To avoid the formation of a simple calculation procedure, in the design process to help test whether conforms to the standard, such as heat transfer coefficient ratio of window to wall, retaining structure. All required data read automatically, generate results directly output, and the formation of help. To overcome the design process and calculation process generated by the software simply cannot be combined very well.
If you lack the necessary parameters in the design process, automatically with the default parameters as the first choice, and makes the corresponding record, to facilitate the architect after modification and setting. So while maintaining design consistency at the same time, also facilitate the change again the designer.
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Reinforced concrete frame, frame, continuous beam structure calculation and drawing software ( PK )
1 PK module with a two-dimensional structure calculation and reinforced concrete beam and column construction drawing two functions:
Calculation software module itself provides a plane frame structure, applicable to the framework structure, industrial and civil buildings and various rules of complex type frame structure, frame structure, frame structure and continuous beam, the shear wall is simplified into the arched structure, truss. The scale of 30 layer, 20 cross.
In the PKPM system, PK for reinforced concrete beam, column construction drawing design work. In addition to relay PK two-dimensional calculation results, can complete the reinforced concrete frame, frame, the construction drawing design of continuous beam, also can relay high-rise three-dimensional analysis software TAT, SATWE, PMSAP results and the bottom frame, frame beam calculation results, can provide four ways for the user to draw beam, column construction drawing the overall picture, including separate beams and columns, beam-column painting, beam and column reinforced plane graph representation and Guangdong area of beam and column table construction drawing, drawing the following 100 layers of high-rise building construction drawing of beam and column.
2.PK software can deal with Liang Zhu orthogonal or oblique beam, Cuoceng, pumping beam column, column height, hinged roof beams and other conditions, can be a cantilever beam, bracket and secondary beams arranged in any position, can draw a dozen section forms of beam, can draw the folded beam, haunched beam, beam of variable cross section, rectangular, I-beam, garden type column or row frame column, column stirrup forms.
3 according to the new standard requirements for strong column and weak beam, strong shear and weak bending, the node core, axial compression ratio of column, column stirrup ratio calculation and checking, also under severe earthquake weak layer calculating inelastic displacement, vertical seismic force calculation, calculation, frame beam deflection calculation of crack width.
4 according to the new standard and construction manual automatic completion of construction steel configuration.
5 with automatic choice reinforcement layer, strong cross section merge, automatic layout and other functions, but also provide a variety of ways to do preliminary reinforced, layout, structural reinforcement construction drawing results to the design personnel.
6 in the Chinese menu, provides the diagram and calculation results of model rich graphics, provide a template and reinforced material list.
7 can be connected with the " PMCAD " software, automatic guide plane rod system data files and calculate the required load generating structure.
8 final program can generate beams Zhushi reinforced database, provide data for subsequent analysis, budget software etc..
Structure of flat computer aided design software ( PMCAD )
PMCAD is the core of CAD, it establishes the whole building structure model is the pre-processing part calculation software PKPM 2D, 3D structure, interfaces and software is beam, column, shear wall, floor slab and construction drawing design software and CAD.
Interface PMCAD is necessary and the structure of the building CAD.
With the man-machine interactive way is easy to learn the input of each layer of plane layout and each layer of floor beams, prefabricated plate, hole, Cuoceng, eaves and the information and external load information, provide interrupted at any time, modify, copy, query, to continue operations and other functions in the human-computer interaction process.
Automatically from the floor to secondary girder, secondary beam to load transmission load-bearing beams and automatic calculation of the weight of the structure, the automatic calculation of load input way of human-computer interaction, the formation of the whole building load database, can be modified at any time any part of data query by the user. The data can be automatically to the structure of PKPM series software provides data files, can also provide data for continuous beam and floor.
Draw the structure plan and slab reinforcement plans of various types of structure. Including columns, beams, walls, the layout, size, off-axis, draw the axis and the total dimension lines, draw the prefabricated plate, beam and floor opening arrangement, calculation of cast-in-place slab internal force and reinforcement and draw plate reinforcement plan. Painting circle beam and structural column node brick structure drawing.
As the brick masonry structure and the bottom frame upper brick structure analysis.
The statistical structure of engineering quantity, and output in the form of table.
The following is the PKPM series software Awards
Building wind environment of computer numerical simulation ... .2008 Huaxia Construction Science and technology prize two
Steel structure heavy industrial technology research and development of CAD Software ... 2007 Huaxia Construction Science and technology prize two
The construction industry enterprise information application software development ... .2006 Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Prize
The new version of building structure design software SATWE, TAT, PMSAP ... 2005 Huaxia Construction Science and Technology Prize
In hot summer and cold winter region residential building energy efficiency design software ... .2005 Huaxia Construction Science and technology prize two
Architectural engineering quantity statistics and budget report software STAT ... 2004
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